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Although some venues have their challenges, most are straight forward to rig our aerial equipment in. Generally every space can be rigged for aerials and most of our performances can be adapted to the space.

Potential rigging points can be anything structural, this may include: I Beams (RSJs), wooden girders, trussing, tree, cranes etc. We can also organise truss and freestanding outdoor aerial rigs for displays.
Engineers reports can be arranged for venues if so desired.

We can assess potential rigging spaces by site visits or photos.

SAFETY – We have appropriate New Zealand rigging qualifications for 'Safe working at heights' and 'Prevention of falls'.  Risk management plans can be written for your event.

Aerial Tissu
Ground Area- 3m x 3m
Rigging Height- This is a “venuejective” one. The higher the rigging point, the more spectacular the performance, although in saying this an aerial performance can be choreographed to cater to any height over 4.5m.
Rigging Point- must be rated at least 1000kg and is a single point. This may be a structural beam in a building.

Spanish Web (Rope)
Ground Area- 5m x 5m
Rigging Height- As for Aerial Tissu
Rigging Point- must be rated to at least 1000kg and is a single point.

Ground Area- 2m x 2m unless rigged high enough
Rigging Height- 3m and up
Rigging Point- 2 points at 55cms apart, rated at least 500kg each.

German Wheel
Spatially the wheel needs at least an area of 7m x 7m to be most effective. But again performances can be tailored to the space. The wheel can be used on most floor surfaces.